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ProfilGate / Industrial cleaning system


Profilgate is a product produced by Heute (Germany) that removes foreign substances from the forklift wheels, trolley wheels, and bottom of work shoes due to the elasticity of the patented brush. It is a product that collects foreign substances in the tray and is maintained once a week.

The allowable weight is 20t ~ 40t per product, and it is the only thing that safely and reliably removes foreign substances from heavy wheels.

Since there is no contamination on the floor due to forklift wheels and skid marks, it reduces the floor product (paint, construction cost), extends life, and improves the quality of the product to improve its value.

Why Choose ProfileGate

' Clear debris removal, quality improvement and maintenance cost reduction '
These are just a few of the many benefits of ProfilGate®.

  • Skid mark

    When foreign matter is removed by ProfilGate®,
    it reduces skid mark formation
    caused by foreign matter on the wheel.

  • Remove moisture
    And foreign objects

    Thanks to the clean and soft floor,
    there is less risk of slipping and less accidents.
    The possibility of the forklift
    turning or slipping is reduced.

  • Reduce
    Maintenance costs

    When installed, ProfilGate® does not scratch
    the floors of epoxy coatings
    or industrial resins, greatly reducing damage
    to facilities by foreign objects.

  • Reduce
    customer complaints

    ProfilGate® prevents contamination of the product surface,
    which can lead to customer complaints.
    As a result, product quality and brand value are improved.

  • Reduced
    cleaning costs

    ProfilGate® is installed in all entrances
    and important areas to prevent
    foreign substances from entering the field.
    This extends the cleaning cycle
    and reduces cleaning costs.

  • Hygiene

    For enhanced hygiene requirements,
    ProfilGate®Aqua enables active cleaning and disinfection in one step.