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Parking Slot

Parking Slot

Trolley parking slot

Trolley parking slot

It is manufactured with various profiles and can be applied to the site, and various trucks can be parked safely in production and distribution areas.

Simple, easy-to-use designed parking slot to place, attach and secure end caps for prominent profiles.

  • Trolley parking slot KU<

    Material handling carts and jockeys can be arranged and stored
    for secure parking in production and logistics areas.
    This is a simple and easy-to-use parking slot.
    Position and attach the product and secure the end cap.

    - Load up to 300kg
    - Adjustment to wheel diameter
    - Fixed various wheels
    - Easy installation with adhesive on the back

  • Trolley parking slot PAB

    Available in 3 different heights
    high - high , high - low , low - low

    - Load up to 300kg
    - Self-adhesive, easy installation
    - Very robust
    - Does not move when loading or unloading the trolley
    - Very flat (no risk of tripping when empty)

  • FiFo-Monorail

    Station system for safe and accurate logistics supply of accurate quantity
    and accurate products at the right time
    It greatly reduces damage to facilities caused by foreign substances.

    - Clear allocation of logistics
    - Easy to insert cart
    - Quick assembly
    - Extendable length and width
    - Compatible with various trolley widths