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Mighty line tape / Line tape

Mighty Line Tape

Mighty line tape is a product with stiffness and strong durability. It is not easily damaged even in various working environments, and it is easy to attach, leaving little residue when removed.

With a wide range of product lines, you can apply colors to suit your process, and there are also line tapes that can be used in special situations such as luminous tape, light reflective tape, and freezer tape. It can be applied to the bottom of the freezer tape's industrial freezer to withstand up to -28 ℃.

※ Features of Mighty Line Tape

· Stronger material than ordinary tape
· No damage from forklift traffic
· No residue left after removal after attachment
· Easy and quick to install and change
· No downtime required for production lines

Where you need the Mighty Line

A place where the damage to the line tape is severe due to frequent logistics
A place where you want to keep the new factory clean from the beginning
Where new lines are created due to expansion
Where you want to increase work efficiency with line division

' Solve with Mighty Line Tape '

' Performance comparison with other line tapes '

  • Where forklift trucks carrying heavy loads frequently pass, the Mighty Line and other competitive products were installed side by side, and the results after 9 months were compared.

    Tapes from other competitors have severe damage and loss, while Mighty Line tapes have demonstrated superior performance without damage.

Mighty line tape and paint comparison