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Floor mat

Floor mat

Floor mat / Sole cleaning system

Floor mat

The floor mat is an effective solution to remove various foreign substances and air pollution due to the natural antibacterial agent (natural waste plasticity powder).

The thick, soft mat fits well on the uneven surface of the bottom of the shoe, making it easy to catch dust from deep in the shoe. It will block more than 99% of foreign matter and contaminant problems It makes the room more clean.

3mm soft gel removes more than 99% of foreign substances and prevents the growth of bacteria with excellent antibacterial effect. If the adhesive strength is weakened or the mat is contaminated, it can be reused after simple cleaning.

Basically, it is wiped with water and contaminants that are difficult to clean are cleaned with neutral detergent. After cleaning, the adhesive strength returns to normal.

>Why floor mats?

'Can be used repeatedly'
Antibacterial mat that blocks over 99% of contaminants


Sticky mat removes 30% of dust and dirt.
The remaining foreign matter moves left on the bottom of the shoe.
Floor mats showed a removal rate of over 99%.

  • ① Walk indoors for 1 minute.

    ② After walking, walk 3 steps on the mat.

    ③ Measure the foreign materials on the bottom of the shoe.

    ④ Put it in the kit and measure it.

    < Foreign material removal test measurement result >

No additional cost for water cleaning.

Floor mats require an initial cost compared to sticky mats, but are more economical than sticky mats
because they are used over several years after installation.

  • ① Use a floor mat. (Contaminated floor mat)

    ② When the mat is cleaned, the adhesive strength is restored.

    ③ Measure the restored adhesion

    ※ After the above method was repeatedly performed once, 25 times, 50 times, 75 times, and 100 times, the adhesive strength was measured.

    < Adhesion test result >

Comparison of maintenance cost with sticky mat

  • ※ It is also advantageous in terms of cost when using the floor mat for more than 1 year.

    In addition, since the removal rate of foreign matter is much higher than that of sticky mat,

    it can satisfy both performance and cost.

    < Maintenance cost comparison graph >