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Emco mat

EMCO mat / Industrial cleaning system

EMCO mat

Emco is a German-made product that develops sturdy aluminum to withstand heavy loads and is completely unaffected by temperature changes. It is possible to apply various inlays to remove dust and absorb water and oil before foreign substances enter the inside, and it is very easy to remove the collected foreign substances by rolling the mat.

There are three types of inlays: rubber, brush, and carpet, and can be flexibly selected according to foreign materials. The rubber and brush shake off the dust, and the carpet absorbs water and oil to keep the shoe bottom and trolley of workers moving inside and outside clean.

Emco's cleaning system reduces dirt by 90% and can be easily cleaned once or twice a week. In addition, the use of an inlay carpet with anti-slip function prevents slipping accidents by absorbing moisture from the shoe soles and wheels.

Why Emco?

Selecting an suitable inlay for the working environment
reduces dirt by 90%.

How it works and its composition

  • Dust and contaminants flowing into the room through shoes or trolley wheels
    are collected by a brush and emco's brush and rubber
    are collected on a tray and effectively remove foreign matter
    from any place without a separate electric device.

Foreign body removal effectiveness test