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Dycem mat

Dycem mat

Dycem / Industrial cleaning system

Dycem mat

Dycem Mat is a mat produced by Dycem (UK) that provides floor solution for environmental pollution control and removes more than 99% of foreign substances when passed (6 steps, 3 wheels or more).

The permissible weight on the mat is 2500 kg.  It safely and reliably removes foreign objects from pedestrians and heavy duty wheels, and this effectiveness has been proven by Gerry prout. Neutral detergent is used 2 ~ 3 times a day for cleaning. After simple cleaning, foreign substance adhesion is restored and can be used for 3 ~ 5 years.

Capable of collecting particles from 0.5 to 100 microns, eliminating problems caused by contamination in all areas of production and storage. It can be installed in various sizes and shapes, and can be reused right after cleaning.

Why choose a Dycem mat

When entering the critical area
It removes more than 99% of the contamination caused by shoes and wheels
and reduces the risk of invisible particles
and airborne contaminants in the air by up to 75%.

  • Size

    Six footsteps or rotations of wheel
    are enough to clean
    dirt from shoe sole and wheel of trolley.

  • Silver

    Biomaster's silver ion-based antibacterial products are used in Dycem's products
    and are effective on more than 50 organisms,
    including MRSA.

  • Suppleness

    Dycem's special polymeric surface adheres to
    the shoe sole and trolley wheel,
    making it soft and flexible to catch particles
    between 0.1 and 100 microns.

  • Smoothness

    Dycem's extremely smooth surface generates short distances of high electromagnetic fields.
    This collects and holds over 99% of particles in the 0.2-100 micron range.

  • Maintenance

    Dycem's retained adhesion is effective in removing contamination even after nine steps on the same spot.
    Sticky mats lose their ability to remove foreign objects
    if they step on the same spot more than once.

  • Service

    Thorough preliminary investigations provide complete pollution control, technical support, installation and cleaning training assurance.
    In addition, our quick response and support will answer your questions.