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Boplan / Safety barrier


Developed to create a safe workplace, Boplan protects people, machines, installations and buildings in vehicles such as forklifts and transporters. If a machine accident is damaged due to a car accident, repair cost and opportunity loss cost are very high.

As a result, Boplan is proven by repeating various tests to meet stringent standards. In addition, the flex impact module system can easily move or exchange the location of each component, which makes it easy to move and install without additional costs and provides high safety.

Safety barriers made of metal deform, break and even damage the floor by collision. In addition, repairs require processing and painting, which is expensive. The Boplan is highly resistant to strong shocks, so when it is impacted, it flexibly changes its shape so that it will return to its original position even if the forklift collides with it.

Why choose Boplan

Need for forklift and infrastructure protection
' Boplan solution '

' Active memory function '

  • It protects the vehicle from collisions of various angles and speeds

    and restores it to the available state with the 'active memory function'

  • Reduction of cost

    It protects the products,
    vehicles and trucks in the event of a collision,
    reducing the cost of accidents and economical with long life.

  • No repainting required

    Repainting from time to time
    Compared to the iron bollard, the material and color are the same
    Cleaner and safer because no repainting is required.
    Provide a working environment.

  • Strong durability

    In the case of metal products, the floor is damaged to the floor,
    while the boplan is highly resistant to strong impacts,
    and when impacted, it flexibly transforms the shape and recovers after collision.

  • Easy to use modular design

    Modular design makes it easy to divide and transport and re-install
    when changing location.

  • Preventing floor damage

    Flexible geometry changes
    during an impact to relieve the impact
    on the floor without damaging the floor.

  • corrosion prevention 2

    No water, fire, or drug corrosion,
    so you can maintain a clean appearance when used.