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Auto mat

Auto mat

Automat / Sole cleaning system


Before entering the clean room, if the worker steps on the automat, the sensor detects and the brush on the bottom operates to clean germs and foreign objectsthe of shoes sole.

It can be installed and applied to all workplaces with clean rooms, including domestic and foreign electronics, semiconductors, LCDs, automotive parts, and food companies, and prevents the spread of foreign substances in advance to prevent exposure of products and facilities to pollutants.

Why Choose Automat

'Product with steady quality improvement and continuous sales'
Strong cleaning power, excellent for removing grease.

  • Underwater shoe cleaning system

    in-water washing type
    without dust or spray
    ecellent cleaning performance.
    Excellent antibacterial and strong cleaning product.

  • Rolling brush

    The brush at the bottom of the shoe sole
    rotates horizontally back and forward
    to remove dirt from shoe sole.

  • Sensor-sensitive cleaning device

    The sensor detects and automatically activates when climbing on the equipment

    The cleaning time can be adjusted from 2 to 25 seconds.