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30 years of know-how
Systematic Technology

We provide effective and
scientifically proven Cleaning Solutions

Taehoon Co., Ltd. was established in 1991 and based on our long experience of the clean system and world-class technology.
We aim to provide our customers with competitive and improvement value. We provide decontamination and cleanliness management solution for clean and safe environment with the most effective and scientifically proven solutions.

We provide long-lasting and high-performance products that minimize pollution from work in various industries such as Electricity, Electronics, Wrapping Paper, PCB, Film, and Food, Wheel and Forklift Wheels. We have an exclusive contract with Heute of Germany and Dycem of UK, which are widely known in the world, and we supply the highest quality products in Korea, helping us to achieve zero claims due to foreign substances.

We provide the best solution for companies that have difficulty in product quality and factory environment management they do not manage the surrounding environment properly.

Thank you.

Global Partnership

  • Huete Profilgate

    Founded in Germany in 1905, Heute has over 100 years of engineering excellence and continues to expand its ongoing portfolio of industrial cleaning machines. Heute continues to develop and manufacture advanced solutions that exceed customer expectations through expertise and innovation in sanitary and cleaning equipment.

  • Dycem Dycem mat

    Founded in 1966, Dycem is the world's leading manufacturer of pollution control mats and flooring. We are a global organization headquartered in Warwick, Rhode Island, USA and Bristol, UK. We also have offices in Muntinlupa City, Philippines and The Woodlands, Texas, and we have experts in pollution control at major hubs around the world.

  • Boplan Safety barrier

    Boplan designs, develops, and manufactures sustainable and effective drop and collision avoidance in challenging environments. All safety products have only the goal of protecting people, vehicles, buildings and infrastructure. For the production of our safety products, we exclusively use high quality, high performance plastics that exclusively surpass the characteristics of traditional materials.

  • Mighty line Mighty line tape

    Mighty line develops and manufactures highly durable line tapes and marking labels for safety and efficiency in your workplace. The company is located in the western and northern parts of the United States, stably supplying, developing and selling quality products.