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Mighty line tape

Line tape with strong durability
No residue is left when removing, attaching and removing easily.

마이티 라인테이프

Safety is very important for any organization. Strong products and wide range of lines are necessary for the improvement of facility productivity and safety of employees.

Mighty line tapes are not damaged in the harsh environments of warehouses and various workplaces. Therefore, it can be used for a long time after installation rather than any other line tapes.

It is also easy to remove and attach, and when removed, it does not contaminate the floor because it is neatly removed without any residue.

There are also products with special features such as a light reflective tape to prevent accidents by reflecting the light of a tail lamp installed in a dock when installed in a dark warehouse to light the road in an emergency, and a freezer tape that can withstand at -28 ° C.